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8 Interesting Facts & Myths about Philippines Girls

Sometimes, the search for that perfect someone takes us the most unexpected places, like the Philippines. Men of all ages are exploring the option of marrying Philippines girls because they are considered wonderful wives and compassionate companions. As expected, there are also stereotypes and myths which are more-or-less true about these women. For all the single mean out there, searching for an exotic alternative to Western wives, we give a list of the 8 Most interesting Myths about Philippines girls. For some of them, you will have to decide for yourself whether they are true or not.

1. “Their only purpose in life is to fulfill their husband’s wildest dreams.”

Considering that most Philippines girls have received higher education, it would be hard to believe that they would fulfill a man’s “wildest dreams”. While it is true that they will go to great lengths to ensure their companion’s well-being and happiness, and preserve the love in their family, there is a limit to what you can ask from them.

2. “Philippines Girls Prefer Senior Men.”

This statement is true, and it is supported by facts. Studies show that 80% of men are older than their Filipina wives by at least one year (with more than 40% at least 10 years older, and 15% at least 20 years older). Why are they attracted to older men? The explanation is very simple. They perceive older men as more mature, less promiscuous, financially stable and affectionate.

3. “Filipinas are ‘mail-order brides’.”

This term is completely antiqued, yet there are some who still believe in it. It is often used by Philippine locals who are mad at Westerners for “stealing their wives”. The truth is that, in the past, Western men would buy mailing addresses of women in catalogs. However, this did not mean that they were ordering wives. All they were doing was finding a way to correspond with their newly found sweetheart.

4. “They seek Western men for marriage because there are twice as many females than males in their country,”

This statement is not true. Statistics show that there is only a difference of 700.000 in a country of 73 million. In other words, the difference between eligible men and women is less than 1%. The statement is, therefore, inconsistent. The main reason why Philippines girls seek Western men for marriage is because they are more stable and appreciative.

5. “Filipinas are petite, attractive and slim.”

All women are attractive in their own way, and men are aroused by variety. For them, a Filipina is like a breath of fresh air. In addition to this, the high rates of obesity in America are discouraging men. Studies show that obesity rates in the Philippine are nowhere near the 50% used in America. Compared to American standards, even the chubbiest Filipino is a super-model. In addition to this, Filipinos are not very tall, they have stunning & healthy black hair and naturally tanned skin (a welcome change for most men).

6. “Filipinas are bad at English.”

Quite the contrary! The typical Philippines woman has access to higher education, and this also means learning two or three languages (usually Tagalog and English). As a matter of fact, Filipinos are the easiest to understand out of all the Asian people. This will make it a whole lot easier for you to find romance.

7. “They Consider the Practical Implications of Marriage.”

This statement is absolutely true. So many people believe that Philippines girls are only interested in money when they are not. At some level the ability to provide for a family is taken into consideration by any bride. However, Asian women have a deep understanding of a marriage’s mechanics that many Western women ignore. For example, they know that an older man can offer more stability and that Western suitors will make better husbands than locals. Also, their culture doesn’t accept divorce, so they will always put the stability of their marriage before money.

8. “They are submissive and obedient.”

It is true that Philippines women are patient, understanding and non-confrontational. However, their gentle nature should not be mistaken for submissiveness. Filipino wives are taught, from an early age, that they should also behave like ladies. In addition to this, respect is essential for their culture, which means that they will always speak politely, voice their opinions in a gentle tone and almost always save you from embarrassment.

This pretty much concludes our list of myths. There are definitely more which require further explanations (or busting) but we choose to stop here. Do you have any other suggestions? We would love to hear them!


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